WSHE Has DJs That Will Rock Your World!  Weekly Schedule..
( FreeForm Radio Format Is Again A Reality )

Sunday Mornings
ron  Wake Up Early With Ronnie Tanner Soft Rock Style.
*A Softer Side Of SHE  Sunday Mornings From 7-12*

70's & 80's Soft Rock All Morning, Straight From The Bistro Table.  
Set Your Alarm, No Excuses!

WSHEs Diane  Psychedelic Sunday's With Diane, Ron Bob & Andrew
If You Remember The 60's....
(Then You Weren't There)
Psychedelic Sunday's From 12-3

Polish Up That Old LavaLamp...
Turn-On Your Blacklight &

Twist-Up a Fat One..!

Brenda K  WSHE Brenda K 1 Late Nights Overnight With Brenda K.
Brenda Joined Us Nearly 4 Years Ago From Van Nuys California Where She
Moon Lighted As On-Air @ KLOS Rock Format Before Joining WSHE.
Brenda Takes It Down a Notch & Plays What She Pleases.
Don't Worry, You Won't Fall Asleep!
Monday Days Dave C  WSHE Dave Cray Dave Cray (Crazy Dave) Middays.
Sometimes He Can Be Outta Control, But Usually Maintains a Degree Of Sanity.
Dave Joined Us Nearly 2 Years Ago From Chicago,
Which Explains Why He Plays Alot Of Chicago Transit Authority..
If You Phone-In.. Be Nice and He'll Probably Que Your Req!
Nights  WSHE Studio  A    
 A STUDIO NIGHT SHOT 2 Monday Nights Open Mic With Ronnie Tanner Studio A.
Opens Mic, Takes Live Call-Ins From Around The Globe!
You Might Hear Alot Of 90's & 80's Rock.
Monday Nights Is Pretty Much Seat-Of-The-Pants..
Tuesday  Days
 WSHE MiMi Mascot Double Shot Tuesday All Day!
Two-For-Tuesday From 7-11
Mascot MiMi Joined The SHE Family About 5 Years Ago.
She Likes To Occasionally Meow Twice Into The Mike.
(Only On Tuesday's)
Nights  Ronnie  Ronnie Long Hair Double Shot Tuesday Continues Through 11PM

You'll Hear 2 Shots, Back-To-Back From Just About As Much As We Can Squeeze Into 16 Hours.
Cheap Trick-Santana-Van Halen-Chicago-The Cult-The Cure-David Bowie-Savoy Brown-Led Zep
Poison-Cinderella-Steely Dan-Steve Miller-Seger.
(Should We Rattle On)..?
Ronnie Tanner Brings It Till 11
Wednesday  Days Andrew H  WSHE Andrew Haug Andrew Hoog Joined The WSHE Family Back In..
(We Forgot)
Wednesday's You'll Hear Andrew Slapping CD's Into The Racks.
Que'in Up Alot Of Hard Stuff Occasionally.
(He's The Guy With The Australian Accent)
8 Until
Glassman  WSHE Glassman 2 The Glassman Takes The Mike Wed Nites From 8 Until Midnite!
1980's Hard Rock Takes On a Whole New Meaning !

He Looks Like a Preppy, But Do-Not Be Fooled..
*(He's Loud & Proud)* Turn Down Your Speakers !
Glassman Joined The SHE Team ABout 7 Years Ago From NC.

This Guy Finds Tracks That You Probably Forgot Existed.
You MUST Tune In Wed Nites At 8PM..
Thursday Days Greg S  Greg Scott Jury Duty Greg Scott Open Mic Days & Nights, Greg Joined The WSHE Family Back In '06.
He's a Bit Of a Dork, But His Voice Is Deeper Than The Ocean!
Greg Musters-Up Alot Of Deep 70's AOR Album Cuts.
You Hear Him Alot On TV Commercials / Voice Tracks / Movie Announcements.
(He's Gonna Be a Lawyer When He Grows Up)
Nights  John Lex  WSHE John Lex On Air With John Lex. John Joined SHE In 2002.
Kind of a Hippie Jock, This Man's Been Behind a Mic Since 1965.
John Tends To Binge On The Beatles

Please Don't Make Any Jokes About Agent Orange.
John Grows Tomato's On His Balcony, Overlooking The Port Everglades Inlet.
John Still Urinates Over His Balcony Every Time Anyone Mention's The President's Name
Friday Days Ronnie  WSHE Ronnie  Booty Call 2 Fridays Begin Kinda Obscure For Ronnie Tanner.
Andrew Haug Sits In As Co-Host On Occasion.

Toss It On The Wall-n-See What Sticks..
Nights  Glassman WSHE Glassman  Fri The Glassman Takes Over The Mic Friday's.
On Location Random Only
Saturday Days  Greg S  WSHE Greg Scott Studio Saturdays Picks From The Past.
Alot of Deeper 1970's AOR Cuts.

Indie Artist Upload Reviews Pending
Nights Sat Sched  WSHEOriginal Open Mic Broad Variety