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Mitch Phillips..  Welcome Back !


WSHE Welcomes Back Mitch Phillips.. You've Heard Mitch All Over SHE103 Back In The 80's !
Mitch Is That Guy With The Earth-Shattering Voice That Made Ocean Waves Crash Backwards And Microphones Melt !

WSHE-Shes Only Rock'N Roll   Finally Persuades Mitch To Get Back With Us. Thanks Mitch.. (It's About Darn Time)
It's an Honor Having Mitch With SHE Again

Voice Actor - Promo Announcer - Voiceover Artist - Movie Trailer Guy



Who remembers "Click it or Ticket"? "Cops are cracking down ... blah blah blah."
That familiar earworm was, well, Mitch Phillips! Hope you got the message and buckled up!

Mitch is  NOT the guy next door. He’s the guy who's branded and help sell and promote millions of dollars worth of products, services and entertainment content. For over 20 years, his edgy, bold, knowledgeable and exciting reads have been heard on national commercials, sports promos, radio and television imaging campaigns and movie trailers.


Mitch's voice is heard on TV and Radio in the US and around the world. You may have heard him on Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, "Click it or Ticket" PSA's, NBC Sports, ESPN International, as well as  commercials for Hyundai, Kia, Norman Love Chocolates, and many more.  Mitch's voice is also heard in many sports arenas and sports broadcasts doing promos and voiceovers for teams such as the Florida Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers,  Philadelphia Flyers,  New York Islanders,  Atlanta Braves and  more.


Mitch Phillips started his journey as a television audio engineer at ABC TV in New York City.  His mentors and influences in his life and career include the late Norman Rose and Don LaFontaine, as well as Don Morrow, Ernie Anderson, Peter Thomas, James Earl Jones, Barry White,  Joe Cipriano, Scott Muni, Dan Ingram Jim Kerr and many more wonderful voices and voice people. Mitch started in college radio at WFUV-FM at Fordham University in New York City, then worked his way through the business of broadcasting as an on radio air talent, writer,  and producer.  He currently lives and works out of his custom built voiceover studio in Coral Springs where he is available via Source Connect, ipDTL, Phone Patch, FTP  and MP3 file transfer.

Mitch Worked at WSHE from 1987-1990, was hired as production director by Charlie Kendall (WNEW/WMMR) who knew of Mitch's work at WAPP and elsewhere as a radio host and voice artist in New York City. Also produced and hosted morning at WSHE as fill in and did some midays and weekend on air as well. 
Mitch worked alongside Glen Richards, Tom Robinson, Charlie Kendall, Steve Stansell and many other great broadcasters.
 Currently, MItch is doing commercials, voice acting and voiceovers for clients and companies around the world including HBO, NHL Network and many others. Learn more, listen to demos and contact Mitch below.