Q: Where Have You Been Since 103.5 Changed Format In 1996
A: WSHE FM Radio Has Moved To The Internet (Future of All Radio)


Q: What Happened To The FM Frequency of WSHE 105.5 After You Switched From 103.5?
A: We Were Denied a Class B From The FCC, Continued To Broadcast As Long As We Were Legally Able Before Moving To The Internet.


Q: What Was Your Power When You Were On-Air On 105.5
A: ERP Of 2,500 Watts

Q: Where Can I Get She's Only Rock 'n Roll  Car Stickers?
A: Yes, We Have Them. Click Here


Q: Where Can I Get WSHE Shirts?
A: Click Here


Q: Do You Still Have The Old WSHE Plates For Cars?
A: Yes, Click Here


Q: How Do I Request a Song?
A: (Pending The DJ On Air) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q: Where Are All The DJ's From The Past?
A: Long Story, But Most Have Gone Their Own Ways Since We Were Bought Out in the 90's. Radio Station Air Talent Jobs Are Like Revolving Doors


Q: Are You Hiring DJ's ?
A: Opportunity Window Is Always Open


Q: Is The Old Studio Still In the Davie Motor Home Park?
A: No It Is Not, Been Long Gone Since '2001 / We've Moved Both Studios To Aventura


Q: Does SHE Still Do Double Shot Tuesday?
A: Yes, Every Tues From 7AM - 11PM


Q: Your Audio Sound Is Better Than FM Radio Sound, How Do You Make This Happen?

A: Yes It Is. We Achieve This In Many Ways, Audio Source / Multiple Methods of Audio Chain Processing / Bandwith / And We Have Very Good Audio Engineering People.

We Were Also Chosen To Beta Test For Aphex, Omnia, Orban, & Vorsis.


Q: Is Your Music In HD?
A: Yes. We Pre-Process In Analog. We Believe The Warmth Will Always Be Highlighted. We Use a Variety Of Audio Consoles, Both Analog & Digital.


Q: Are You Owned By Clear Channel?
A: We Are Owned & Operated By Lex-Scott Tanner.

Q: What Am I Hearing On The Freq Of 103.5 Calling Themselves SHE?
A: It Is a Clear Channel Owned FM Frequency With Transferred Call Letters From Georgia / They May Call Themselves What They Wish / You Are Currently Hearing Clear Channels' Variety Station On 103.5 fm / It Most Likely Won't Last and Change Format Again.
*As Of November 2013 / 103.5 Is Again Changed Back To WMIB* (Urban Format)

Q: Did Clear Channel Transfer Call Letters To Florida On 103.5 To Compete With The Original WSHE?
A: Ugghhmm.. Ya Think ?  :)


 Q: Is It True That Clear Channel Tried To Buy Out The Original WWSHE-FM Web Station & Staff?
A: We Will Reserve The Commitment To Keep This Silent As Agreed  5/2012

Q: Is It True That Clear Channel's New 103.5  Was Currently Leasing The Rights To It's Claimed WSHE From You?
A: We Will-Not Comment As Of  5/2012

Q: Is WSHE Now Accepting Local Band Music To Play On Air?
A: Yes We Are Currently Reviewing 'Indie' Artist's / Independent Musicians May Upload Their Music and Get 'Aired' On  SHE. We Air It Here  Indie Bands

Q: Is It True That You & Clear Channel Have Teamed Up To Monopolize The Internet Radio Market With iHeart Radio Platform?
A: We Are Not Involved At This Time


Q: What Happened To Psychedelic Sunday's Format?
A: We've Brought Back Psychedelic Sunday's From 12pm Till 3pm, It's Even Better Than Before.


Q: How To View Last Songs Played?
A: Last Songs Aired


Q: The 70's Soft Rock Sunday Music On Sundays?
A: 70's Soft Rock  Sunday Is Back By Demand Every Sunday From 7am-12pm

Q: What Does SHE Use For Audio Processing?
A: Two of The Best Audio Engineers Since 1969, Credit To Larry & Greg Ogonowski & Combined With A Few Secrets !

Q: What Is Your Opinion On The Near Future Of FM Radio?
A: Well, Sadly The Facts Reveal Terrestrial Radio Listeners  Slowly Decline. These Reports 
Will Not Be Admitted Publicly By A Particular FM Station/Ownership.

Statistics Prove That FM Radio Will-Only Decline In Listener Numbers As Time Progresses.

There Is No Way FM Terrestrial Radio Can Survive Being Up Agains't  Satellite Radio. Especially Internet Radio.
Operating An FM Based Radio Station Has Cost's Far Beyond Satellite Or Internet Stations.

The Average Person Is In The Habit Of Punching His FM Radio Preset In Their Automobile.

That Habit Is Slowly Being Replaced With A SmartPhone & Bluetooth For The Automobile.

Most FM Stations Have Already Setup-Shop On The Internet Attempting To Retain Their Audience.

Consumers, Advertisers, Artists and Personalities Win By Embracing Digital.
You’re Fighting The Future To Ignore This and That’s Never a Way To Succeed.

FM Radio May Never Simply *Disappear*,  Perhaps Only Existing As An Emergency Frequency, Or Only To Be Looked Upon As A Burned Out Cinder.

We Believe FM Radio Will Be Metomorphed Into A Shallow Conversation Over A Boring Dinner Date.

The Future Of All Radio Is Internet, The Writing Is All Over The Wall.
FM=Frequency Modulation  Of Which Will No Longer Be A Requirement To Enjoy A Broadcast.

**That's The Short Version**

Q: What Happened To Neal Mirsky?
A: Neal Is Doing Very Well, Neal Has Moved On To MTV Many Years Ago.

Q: Where Is Randy Thomas?
A: Randy Currently Resides In Florida.

Q: What Happened To Sonny Fox?
A: Sonny Is Well Residing In Florida.

Q: Where Are The Dollars Going For WSHE Fund Drive?
A: Directly Toward Bandwith, Equipment, FPL, Staff & Library

Q: How To Listen With TuneIn?
A: Please Refer To This Link



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